Podcast 43 - Back Stories of Christmas Songs - First Half, FREE

December 21, 2017

Gena and Jean discuss the back stories of some of the Christmas songs that developed because of wars. Some discussion of personal Christmas song experiences is followed by histories of songs from the Civil War. The premium version goes on to cover later wars and related holiday songs. To access the full podcast, a subscription costs $20/year for full access to all prior and future premium podcasts for the next 12 months; this is available by clicking on a premium broadcast link from the home menu and then following the directions to enter credit card information via a secured connection.

To learn about the references used for the history presented here, go to the blogpost for this date, 21 December 2017, at their blog post for this date.

The above image is from the Library of Congress: "Family Christmas" by J. D. Cress, copyright 1900.