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Podcast 52 - Railroads, Rail Travel, and Train History - Full, Premium version

May 13, 2018

Gena and Jean talk about railroading, terms that come from railroads, and their personal experiences as train passengers. The second half covers more of the history and the evolution of the trains and the routes. Your ancestors may well have been involved in railroad building, railroad management, or maybe just train travel. Hear what might have affected their lives . . . and yours.

(Note: there is some interference on this recording; we have attempted to clean it up, requiring some "looping" - rerecording small portions. We apologize for that static.)

This was originally posted on 13 May 2018, in recognition of the anniversary of the completion of the East-West railroad at Promontory Point, Utah on 10 May 1869.

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The image above is from the Library of Congress, copyright 1920

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