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Podcast 68 - Pandemics - Then versus Now

April 24, 2020

Influenza_Ward_Walter_Reed_Hospital.jpgSara Cochran and Jean Wilcox Hibben try out something new - recording a podcast together while staying in our own homes. Listen in as we discuss the differences between the pandemics our ancestors lived through and  COVID19. 

The blog will be moving soon, so here are the links mentioned in the episode:

National Archive of the UK: For a limited time, download up to 50 digital records a month for free.

NEHGS:  For a limited time, $20 off membership.
Jean's Website and Goings-On:

Photo by Harris & Ewing of the Influenza Ward, Walter Reed Hospital, Washington D.C., circa November 1918. Obtained through the Library of Congress.

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