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Podcast Interruption Explanation

June 27, 2019

During the past 3 to 4 months, the households of Gena, Jean, & Sara have been in upheaval due to a number of factors, including health, family issues, business obligations, travel, and more than can be listed here. As a result, the podcasts we enjoy recording and sharing have been on hiatus. We are hoping to get ourselves back on track by the end of summer and expect to record on a more regular schedule. 

Meanwhile, we have gone back to all podcasts before 2019 and made them available, in their full formats, free to anyone who chooses to listen. We are in hopes that the programs and recordings will resume in the near future and hope that you will consider becoming a premium subscriber ($20/year) for full episodes once we get back to a more predictable posting schedule.

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy summer.

Jean & Butch



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